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Auto Trading With TradingView

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This video is about a course on auto trading with TradingView. The speaker, Brian Downing, introduces two ways to do auto trading with TradingView: a complicated way using Python and an easier way using a third-party service. The easier way is what the speaker recommends and what the course focuses on. The course covers the following: • Introduction to the course and auto trading with TradingView • Why TradingView is a popular platform for auto trading • An explanation of auto trading • How to set up auto trading with a third-party service (no coding involved) • Group discussion for course members • Advantages, risks, and limitations of auto trading • Case studies of successful auto traders The speaker emphasizes that the third-party service is a great way for non-coders to get started with auto trading. It costs around $40-$50 per month depending on your trading volume.

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Quant Finance Group

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