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Python v3 Trading Infrastructure Building Blocks with Crypto (Legacy)

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Level Up Your Trading Skills With The Best Crypto Trading Bot Course Anywhere Note that is course is from 2019 but still valid today Go from digital zero to trading bot hero and boost your profits as the markets never close. They operate 24/7! What Do You Get From This Course? Become an Expert Crypto Trader Get to Know Each Major Components of Any Trading Bot Understand Analytics and Optimization Tactics A Focused Course Boosting Your ROI in Weeks Our Course Includes: Tools & Concepts Data Wrangling Technical Analysis Crypto Packages Market Data Charting This video is about a course on auto trading with TradingView. The speaker, Brian Downing, introduces two ways to do auto trading with TradingView: a complicated way using Python and an easier way using a third-party service. The easier way is what the speaker recommends and what the course focuses on. The course covers the following: • Introduction to the course and auto trading with TradingView • Why TradingView is a popular platform for auto trading • An explanation of auto trading • How to set up auto trading with a third-party service (no coding involved) • Group discussion for course members • Advantages, risks, and limitations of auto trading • Case studies of successful auto traders The speaker emphasizes that the third-party service is a great way for non-coders to get started with auto trading. It costs around $40-$50 per month depending on your trading volume.

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