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How to get a job in HFT firm webinar

Here is a live How to get a job in HFT webinar from the ProfitView folks. They run a fast growing Telegram group you should know about as well.There is 3 days left to sign up to this webinar.  The opin below will give you that.  The guests are from a fast growing C++ based HFT firm Portofino which has a link below.  They will go through scenarios how to handle questions below.

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Examples of questions we’ll be covering:

  1. What competencies are required to get a quant job at a HFT firm?

  2. What are the standard compensation ranges for roles within HFT?

  3. How do I succeed in a technical interview with a HFT firm?

  4. How can I become a better quantitative researcher?

  5. Is it possible to apply for the same role multiple times?

  6. Can I still get a job if I’m not from a tier one university?

  7. How useful is stochastic calculus in your daily job?

  8. Which programming languages are important in the HFT field?

  9. What projects can I work on to learn more about quant research?

  10. What maths skills are required to develop trading models?

  11. What about being a quant motivates you?

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