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Only third party solutions allow auto trading on TradingView and IBKR

Only 3rd party solutions seem to work with IBKR and TradingView

This is all seems to be a potential TradingView bug

Get your free trading tech book here  books2 – QUANTLABS.NET

This is the one I am thinking of going with which is based out of Finland. It is Windows based for only IBKR and Binacne support. It also only support stock and forex from IBKR. Other solution limit based on webhook or number of open positions.

More will be posted here

More instructions to test TraderRelay with test Pine script for a test order

I am still waiting for this Tradereplay to create a login user for me. As it was too long and show no trust to rely on, I am across this C#/VB .Net project from using email alerts with GMail.  Here are the updates. I have copied the entire description and comment section to preserve it here. I would also download the files ASAP before the potential of deletion.

Video tutorial from Elephant Trading channel

This guy could be a lifesaver if I am able to get working.  I will confirm if this is the case of not.

In this tutorial (more of a show and tell) I use TradingView alerts, created from strategies, to trigger automated trades in the International Brokers (IBKR) platform. I’ve adopted some code and samples (refer to links below), and will share the important snippets of my own code so you can implement into your own solution.

1. Create an IBKR Account 2. Download the IBKR platform here: 3. Download the IBKR API: 4. Create TradingView alerts on your trading strategies, choose to send to your GMail account 5. Download and adjust the GMail API C# sample code to suit:

• Gmail API using .NET C# with Source C… 6. Create a new VB.Net (or C#) Windows Forms App solution in Visual Studio 7. Add the NUglify Nuget package 8. Use the IBKR API connect sample source code (and adjust to suit) here: and here:… 9. Write your logic and test with TradingView and IBKR TWS – ALWAYS USE A PAPER ACCOUNT FOR TESTING!! 10. Like and share!

Note that large amounts of unread mails in your GMail account will lead to longer processing times with each GMail API call. Reduce the number of unread mails to speed up the process.

Stock market trading can lead to financial loss, you should know what you are doing and be careful when using automated trading systems. Always test using “paper accounts” first!

First comment update:

Pinned by Elephant Trading @elephanttrading3751

Hi All, I’ve updated the source code since this video was posted. The entire solution is now VB.Net, and the GMail connector is now all part of a single solution.

Here is the updated code: h (THIS IS THE COMPLETE VISUAL STUDIO SOLUTION PACKAGE) You’ll need to provide the correct paths, and email address in App.config, as well as your GMail ClientID. You would also have to adjust the logic in interpreting the results from the emails read. Mine is customised for my own strategies and would work only for my case, so you need to adjust to suit for your strategies in Form1.vb from line 313 up to line 1014.

Also, I’m using a component from spreadsheetgear – a paid component. So you may have to replace it with some other method for recording your trades or use a free spreadsheet component or similar.

The code is a bit messy and not very well refined. It’s a work in progress and may require some refinement, however, this is what I have currently. I’m using a video loop in the app to prevent the computer from going into sleep mode while checking for triggers.

Happy coding!

More from me with more updates:

If you are new to coding, this VB project above may be helpful but for me, it is more work than worthwhile. Note that you have only one email to identify TradingView with. I created a new GMail address for myself for all correspondence from TradingView instead of another email. You need to note that all alert email notification go to this same email. IF you have low volume of trading, GMail should be fine to use. It can easily consider the TradingView server as a spammer if Gmail get overwhelmed from the email sending source. You need to be aware of this. Just remember Gmail can be restricting for many reasons so you may want to go with a dedicated virtual private server email instead.

Note that this article may help you if you choose TradingView alert email notifications.

I have made some progress on my own Python script using my own VPS. Once complete I will offer some hints in a separate post and video

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