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Rust Revolution: Inside Dubai’s Secretive HFT Firm

In this episode, Brian from delves into a fascinating article from about Better Hand Financial Technologies (BHFT), a high-frequency trading firm based in Dubai. BHFT has been making waves with its remote work model and strategic hires from top competitors.


Key hires include Ilya Malinovsky, former head of HFT at Tower Research Capital and Credit Suisse, and Ruslan Reskipov, previously head of derivatives and algo trading at Renaissance Capital. The firm has also attracted talent like Rook Teeter, former managing director at KCG Holding and Tower Research.

BHFT stands out by using Rust instead of the traditional C++ for its trading systems, attracting a diverse team that includes chess champions, martial arts winners, and world-class math and science talents. Despite the remote work setup, the company boasts a friendly, multicultural team with a modern tech stack.

The episode also covers BHFT’s current job listings, including roles for senior quant traders and researchers, with a notable focus on the Chinese and Indian trading markets. Brian wraps up by sharing updates about his new website,, and invites listeners to join the new community group.

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