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Announcing private chat server PWA and Android support

I have the new (private) chat server updated with some decent features including my new Newsroom. As a result, I am trying to build an engaging private community about algo/systematic trading, crypto, investing, and so on. This chat server has no logging or tracking. It also does not even have any third party external tracking pixels to ensure people can communicate freely and anonymously. Google Android support explained below.

Here is our latest tour 

NOTE: I have added a new Crypto Trading Signal Room for trading crypto signals. Market data is based from Kraken exchange data. The coins selected for sample trading signals are Cardano (ADA), Ether (ETH), and Doge.

Obviously, the general rules in posts are NOT about breaking the law, social insulting, non political and non racial topics, spamming, etc.

This chat server can be found with FREE access at

As for mobile editions or independent desktop apps, the chat server vendor enables using either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browsers. Open source Chromium browser should work as well! It has been confirmed to work on Windows and Linux. This means you can run this as a desktop app on these operating systems. This is done via the support of PWA which means

Do note that Apple does not support this PWA technology on MacOS, iPhone or iPad.

Installing PWA instructions in 2022

You can find instructions on how to set this up from pointing your Microsoft Edge, or Brave, Chromium open source browser on Android, Windows, or Linux. One other options is to use a de-Googled phone using an Android alternative like LineageOS. I have verified these methods on Windows and Linux Mint desktop versions. This appears to also to work on Microsoft Edgeand Brave browsers for Android as well. Firefox and Chromes seems to no longer support this download option. Just point the browser to this URL for installation option: 

(Some are saying Chrome and Firefox fine on Android so thanks to them for posting) 

This is part of my goal to get off and relying on big tech and intrusive social media! It is about being morally correct while not participating in this evil data collection and questionable debauchery these sites/technology promote.

I also believe in free speech, real truth, and so on. You should to and NOT participate with these evil companies. Disengage from it to free yourself from addiction and control!

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