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Citi Bank Java interview questions with answers. Pays primo with no onsite interview!

SO I have a local recruiter submit my resume to Citibank in Canada. The same day they want to talk to me while I am doing this deadly Bloomberg c++ online test. So, I was able to buy time for Monday. That gives me one day to prepare for this Java based interview. It also includes Swing and Hibernate with JMS. Can it be done? I am not sure but here are some typical Java based questions . Sources are included. There are some questions with answers at the link below. how a marker interface gets its functionality and when we implements a marker interface how it got invoked How many objects are created when we create String class object using new operator? What are the two major components of JDBC? what is webservices More tips from Interviewed Jul 2009 in New York, NY (took a day) I went to the interview and met with one java developer. He immedicately started asking java questions, the questions were average questions that any good java developer should haven’t a problem with. such as difference between linked list and array list write code to reverse a string write code to override the equals method what does the final keyword does, etc. The developer did not know anything about calypso therefore couldn’t interview me on the subject. I have not heard back from citi since. Interview Questions reverse a string Answer QuestionQQ override the equals method Answer Question There is not a whole lot out there for Citibank. Man, I need help here. It sounds like they pay premium over their local competitors including Bank of Nova Scotia and Bank of Montreal. Also, their screening process is much easier than Morgan Stanley, Bloomberg, and Goldman Sachs. They may do one or two phone screeners without any on site interviews. Pretty cool huh? I hope I get this one.

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