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Crypto trading bot AI and Python programming samples of today

There are so many sample crytpto trading coding tutorials and Github repos I decided to combine these into one post

Crypto bots: Everything you need to know to automate crypto trading

Don’t use unknown trading bot 3rd party services as most disappoint and/or go bankrupt. You can easily do this on TradingView with over 100,000 indicatos to choose from. Good article on strategy types and pro/cons of bot trading.

‘Disappointing’ ETF Decisions By SEC Blamed for Bitcoin Selloff

WHen you habve Blackrock jumpahead of Grayscale for BTC ETF SEC approval tells you something that it d

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on’t smell right.

How to make amazing dashboards to easily power alpha analysis

New way to use quant based factors to show winners in a slick looking dashboard

Kafka messaging with Python & Polylith

Kafka is popular among job descriptions which also uses Polylith found on Google Cloud

Outlines with Python: Fast and reliable neural text generation using Generative Model Programming (ala ChatGPT)

This is a Github project that converts and outputs text for users

Beyond the Basics: A Deep Dive into Stock Analysis with Python

This is the usual popular technical indicators. I chose this for the ladies of India for this bare chested author

Replicating TradingView Chart in Python

This is pretty cool with videos. It shows a close replication of TradingView with Python code

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