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Different ways to build wealth with crypto algo trading to maximize returns

I algo trade with MotiveWave for forex, crypto, and stock assets. I custom-built the Java-based automated trading strategy but plan to move live trading to TradingView soon. The goal is to maximize returns.

How Oanda Forex and CFD for hot capital flow

I offer so many gems here in what look for. Ensure to maximize returns with gold by trading in the correct currency. Hold certain forex pairs for maximize returns

Break out stock in a bad market

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Lots of break out stocks in a downward market on Aug 16/2023. There are still some trendsetter winners when markets are dropping. I explain on how this works.

Different ways to build wealth with crypto algo trading

I look at alt coins, sh*t coins, and big coins to make money. This is how I currently do it using MotiveWave and Kraken exchange. This part of my free samples on Substack.

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