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Eight ways to earn from cryptocurrency

Are there eight ways to earn income from cryptocurrency?

Both articles are kind of funny to me. Let ‘s go through these worthy tips

  1. Crypto exchange: Only Kraken seems to be the worthy exchange since the support is excellent 24/7 with real humans

  2. Investment diversification -> Being in all crypto is not diversification

  1. Crypto market -> You can trade in futures or spot. You can do much better in the futures market with a high-speed algo. It is possible when either BTC or ETH moves in the right direction. We might be on that cusp in 2023 if the banking system does collapse or the credit crunch gets worth. Be prepared, but my solution here will cut down your path so much:

  1. Invest Only What You Can Risk Losing -> true

  2. Crypto Games -> If you are 14, maybe, but this will grow in the worst economic conditions -> This is even a funnier article

  1. Advertorial

  2. Market NFT-> These have promise if it is your product or service

  3. Crypto game -> see above

  4. AirDrops -> Be a hunter for this but have done no productive

Should I say more ???

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