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Facebook PyTorch library in 100 Seconds

We have a video on the new standard of learning machine learning with the Facebook PyTorch library. From what I understand, people are moving off of Google TensorFlow due to complexity of the framework so they moved to Torch.

Thanks to Session contact for sending this!

See this video below for a quick overview of how to use PyTorch

Because I have been live trading for a few months, I would like to know if machine learning is needed for a typical retail trader. That might be overkill since it’s a ranking fast-moving instrument, but be optimal enough to find decent, predictable returns. This is what I have been doing lately to boost outperformance when the markets have been generally down for the last month. If you want to know more about how to beat the market, watch this course outline. I is going to be part of either of my membership listed below.

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