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Farewell to TradingView Streams

I just got this from the TradingView admins about TradingView Streams

Farewell to Streams at TradingView

Hey bryandowningqln! Just a heads-up: we’re retiring our Streams on April 7th to make room for new innovations. At this moment, we want to express our gratitude for your past contributions and emphasize our appreciation for all creators on our platform and their valuable work.

 What’s next? Our focus is now on video ideas. As part of this change, we are increasing the maximum duration of video ideas to 60 minutes for the Premium plan. We invite you to make more active use of this feature.

 Accessing your past Streams: You can continue to stream until April 7th, and the Streams page ( will be available until that date. Your recorded Streams will remain accessible in your profile until May 1st, after which they will be removed.

We’re here to assist in your transition to Video Ideas and are eager to see your new creations!

Cheers, The TradingView Team

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