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How optimally time your trades with crypto based on support and momentum

In this demo, I show that you can optimally time a potential entry if you miss it by using a slower timeframe. It all comes down to ensure there is an establish floor/support/base in the latest price action as well a upward momentum continue. I show all in this video.

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I will be extending the Quant Analytics 12 months/annual promotion to next Monday Nov 8. This is just in time to get you started on Week 2 of the ‘How trade cryptocurrency high level 4 week course’

I would strongly encourage to sign up as soon as possible to take advantage of the ‘How to trade cryptocurrency’ course especially for live Q&A session on Week 2  for this Mnday..

Here are some of the extra benefits if you want to take advantage of this last offer.

More concise features of this annual membership:

  1. MotiveWave non coding Trading Course

  2. How trade cryptocurrency high level 4 week course

  3. Overview for Private Chat Server including signals hidden trading room

  4. Access to Archived Webinars in Bootcamp series ($1200/yr value)

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