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How to be a good quant C++ Algorithmic Trading Developer?

How to be a good C++ Algorithmic Trading Developer?

Hi, I am a C++ software engineer having more than 10 years experience. I have no domain experience in Algorithmic Trading. How can I get into this domain even as a junior developer. My scenario is like:

1. 10+ years experience in C++ 2. No domain experience in Algorithmic Trading, Finance or Banking 3. No idea of trading 4. I have interest in trading domain

Can someone narrate the steps to convert me to a C++ Algorithmic Trading Developer? I dont think there is such a conversion exists. Its more to do with your knowledge and application to the platform you chose. Nonetheless, application of financial libraries like quantlib, ta-lib etc would help. Also, there are institutes which provides training and certification for algorithmic trading domain ( eg.. ) I think it is much more a case by case question. You have 10+ years of C++, that’s good but do you have an area of expertise that can relate to Algo Trading? Some companies, when resources are short within their sector, tend to rely to sectors that deal with the same kind of issues they are dealing with such as Gaming, Telco… How well are you versed in low level programming?

If you have any experience with realtime systems written in C++ that’s a good point as well. It might be difficult to enter directly as an algo trading developer, the other way around is to get a developer job within a financial institution and then to move to the algo team. The competition is fierce as more and more developers want to be in that area 1. Start trading as a hobby with limited funds. 2. Try demoversions of available software such as RightEdge and NinjaTrader to help you predict the movements of the stock. Start with simple indicator-based strategies, then multiple indicator strategis. 3. Then learn about Risk, and Portfolio theories.

TA-LIB is a nice library for developing and working with data-series and technical indicators. But i think you should play around with box-ready tools so that you get domain-insight before you start developing with TA-LIB and similar libraries.

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