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How to create Forex tick historical database in free MYSQL for Windows, Linux, or Apple Mac OSX

How to create Forex tick historical database in free MYSQL  for Windows, Linux, or Apple Mac OSX

I have successfully built a historical tick database for forex. It contains nearly 300 million records of millisecond ticks. I have done all this is using MYSQL since it can be easily ported over to Linux from Windows if I need to. Oracle is too expensive as MYSQL Is free. Also, Microsoft SQL Server is quite speedy but is based on Windows only. I do however see some lag using Windows so I have to remember this issue for future implementation possibly. This database also includes 14 major currency pairs as well for the tick history as well. The forex tick data period is from the spring of 2009 to fall of 2011.

I have also loaded my forex data from comma separated value (CSV) files. I have created a C# program to load the database into MYSQL. Lastly, I have created a SQL file from MYSQLDUMP which enables you create your database and table, and then populate the table with forex tick data. I will be posting all these resources soon in a Membership download area that you will be required to join if you want access to these resources.

Join here when I announce the resources are ready for download.

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