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Insights on “C++ High Performance for Financial Systems”

Hello everyone! In this episode, our host, Brian from, dives into a discussion regarding the upcoming book, “C++ High Performance for Financial Systems,” by Ariel Silihan. Throughout the podcast, Brian provides an overview of the book and shares his opinions about the chosen publisher, PAKT.

The book promises to guide experienced programmers seeking to break into the finance industry by teaching them how to build high-performance trading systems. It covers subjects such as system design and architecture, low latency strategies, risk management, and machine learning. Although the author is highly capable, Brian presents some concerns about the publishing company’s credibility as it has been criticized for its lack of editorial contribution.

Brian also talks about the inherent challenges in teaching these complex concepts through a book, given the rapidly evolving landscape of this field. He also provides some insights on what it takes to gain a real competitive edge beyond what one can learn from such books.

It’s suggested that the book is primarily intended for experienced C++ developers looking to enter the finance industry and anyone interested in creating scalable, robust trading systems. Familiarity with C++, basic understanding of finance, and trading concepts is assumed for readers.

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Although the helpfulness of the book is still to be determined, Brian extends an invitation to discuss the subject further in his Discord community. Listen to the podcast to get a full understanding of Brian’s take on this upcoming release, and don’t miss his recommendations for learning and trading!

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