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New Streamlined Python Client for Interactive Brokers Client Portal Web API

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Interactive Brokers (IBKR) offers a Client Portal Web API that allows developers to programmatically interact with their brokerage accounts. This article introduces IBind, a recently developed Python client library designed to simplify and enhance your experience with the IBKR Client Portal Web API. This is basically Python Client for Interactive Brokers Client Portal Web API.

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What is IBind?

IBind is a comprehensive Python library that provides a user-friendly interface to interact with the IBKR Client Portal Web API. It offers two core components:

  1. REST Client: This component facilitates communication with the IBKR API using RESTful requests. It handles functionalities like account management, order placement, and data retrieval.

  2. WebSocket Client: This component enables real-time data streaming through WebSockets. You can subscribe to various data feeds, such as market data and account updates, and receive them as they occur.

Built for Flexibility and Maintainability

IBind is architected with reusability in mind. The core functionalities of REST and WebSocket clients are encapsulated within abstract base classes (RestClient and WsClient). This design allows for potential future implementations targeting different Web APIs.

The library heavily utilizes class mixins. These mixins categorize and group functionalities based on the IBKR API’s endpoint structure. This approach significantly improves code organization and maintainability. Additionally, extensive use of automated tests (approximately 80% coverage) ensures code stability and reliability.

Streamlined User Experience

IBind prioritizes ease of use. The REST client automatically retrieves configuration details like account IDs and certificates from environment variables, reducing boilerplate code. Common settings are assumed by default, allowing you to quickly initiate a client instance with client = IbkrClient(). This approach streamlines integration into various projects with minimal setup.

Comprehensive and Accessible Documentation

Understanding the library’s functionalities is crucial. IBind boasts in-depth yet readable documentation. The API reference is conveniently generated in Markdown format using the pydoc-markdown package. This facilitates seamless integration with the GitHub Wiki, making documentation readily accessible and maintainable. Compared to traditional documentation tools like Sphinx and Read the Docs, this approach offers a simpler and faster publishing workflow.

Reliable Real-time Data Streaming

The WebSocket client in IBind excels at maintaining a stable connection and recovering from network disruptions. A key challenge in real-time trading environments involves managing subscriptions after a reconnection. IBind’s WebSocket client elegantly addresses this issue, ensuring automatic restoration of subscriptions after a connection loss. This robust design guarantees uninterrupted data flow, critical for informed trading decisions.


IBind empowers developers with a powerful and user-friendly toolkit for interacting with the IBKR Client Portal Web API. Its focus on reusability, maintainability, and ease of use makes it a valuable asset for developers building applications on the IBKR platform. Whether you require real-time data streaming or programmatic account management, IBind offers a streamlined solution for your development needs.

This is quite interesting found on Reddit with links below. You know my brand spanking new approach MUCH EASIER algo trading with TradingView plus …

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