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Quantitative Trading Gets a New Home and Exciting Community Features for quantitative trading Gets a New Home and Exciting Community Features, a haven for aspiring and experienced quantitative traders, is undergoing some exciting changes! As they transition to their new domain,, they're also implementing features to foster a strong community of pro traders.


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Important Domain Update


For those familiar with Quantlabs, be aware that the older domains, and, will be shutting down within a month. Make sure to update your bookmarks and references to the new website:


Building a Community of Pro Traders


The team at Quantlabs understands the value of collaboration and knowledge sharing. That's why they're actively building a community-based platform for pro traders. More details regarding this initiative are expected to be released in the coming days, so stay tuned!


Algo Trading Programming Group


Calling all algo trading enthusiasts! Quantlabs will be adding a dedicated group specifically for those enrolled in their latest courses offered through Groups | Quantlabs ( This group will provide a space for members to discuss course material, share their algorithmic trading strategies, and collaborate on projects. Whether you're a seasoned algo trader or just starting out, this group promises to be a valuable resource for honing your skills and staying ahead of the curve.


Python Infrastructure for Crypto Trading


Quantlabs recognizes the ever-growing popularity of cryptocurrency trading. To cater to this demand, they'll soon be adding a group focused on the "Python Infrastructure for Crypto Trading." This group is likely intended to equip members with the necessary tools and knowledge to leverage Python's capabilities for building robust and efficient cryptocurrency trading systems. Python's extensive libraries and frameworks make it a popular choice for quantitative analysis and algorithmic trading, making this group a valuable asset for anyone interested in automating their crypto trading strategies.


What to Expect in the Coming Days


With the new domain launch and the announcement of these exciting community features, is shaping up to be a comprehensive resource for quantitative traders of all levels. In the coming days, expect more details on the pro trader community platform, along with the official launch of the algo trading programming group and the Python infrastructure for crypto trading group.



Beyond the Announcement


While this article highlights the immediate changes and upcoming features, likely has much more to offer. Here are some potential areas they might explore to further enrich the user experience:


  • Educational Resources: In addition to their existing courses, Quantlabs could provide a library of articles, tutorials, and webinars covering various quantitative trading topics.

  • Data Feeds and Tools: Integration with real-time and historical market data feeds would be a valuable addition, allowing users to test and refine their trading strategies. Additionally, providing access to quantitative trading tools and platforms could streamline the development and implementation of algorithmic strategies.

  • Live Q&A Sessions: Interactive sessions with experienced quantitative traders or instructors from their courses could offer valuable insights and address user queries in real-time.

  • Networking Opportunities: The pro trader community platform could facilitate networking opportunities by allowing members to connect with each other based on shared interests or expertise.




The transition to marks a new chapter for the platform, with a focus on fostering a collaborative community for quantitative traders. The introduction of the algo trading programming group and the upcoming Python infrastructure for crypto trading group demonstrates their commitment to providing valuable resources for both experienced and aspiring traders. With the potential for additional features like educational resources, data integration, and networking opportunities, has the potential to become a one-stop shop for everything quantitative trading. Stay tuned for further developments, and be sure to explore the new website to join the growing community of pro traders!


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