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Regional banks HALTED what are safe havens?

Here is the latest analysis on safe havens after 2 regional banks halted. I did 2 videos versions but this was latest but I deleted the first. 

Some regional banks were halted today due to falling to fast. This shows continued cracks in the USA banking system. Will it get worst? What are the safe havens? This is the second rendition of the original but delete stream I did

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This was the agenda

gbpusd compared to eurnzd eurnok dxy

gld outperformance of hold xau in nzd vs usd same with xag

btcusd ltcusd xrpusd

compare to btc to gld to spy

s&p 500 and nasdaq dax ftse (compare all 3 tsla

market subcatrogies for micro usa transport largest etf health largest etf

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