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Use Markov Chains for market estimating as unique way to profit!!

Hi this is Brian!

I just wanted to let you know I’ve put up a detailed series of Markov Chain videos and source code in our Premium Membership section.

This resource even features a variety of ways to run Monte Carlo simulations using Markov Chains. These are known as ‘MCMC’ and can be amazingly accurate at prediction. In fact, a local whiz kid recently won a prestigious Intel-sponsored event where he used Markov chains to predict how to build web search results. Could this be the next Google?

And of course Markov Chains are very popular in the world of finance.

They’re specifically used to determine the probability of price movements. And for forecasting and estimating a variety of different market securities too.

However, they’re not yet especially well known in the professional community. To me, that spells “opportunity”! Get the jump on your quant competition today by learning about Markov Chains right now!

Good trading, Bryan Editor “Those that know, don’t tell. Until now.”

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