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Why copy trading is regulated

Here are 2 videos i posted on Telegram about copy trading which Youtube appears not to like.

I am having posting videos onto Youtube from my phone so I posted them now in my Telegram channels. Just look under Social Contacts on the right.

Posted in Telegram

Here 2 versions of the same thing of why copy trading is is getting regulated

Here is the other original video but I will tell u YouTube become crap to upload from and older iPhone. So i used telegram now for those that want to listen

Here is the longer one

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Here are the links I posted on the private chart server that started this consideration on this topic may help Bryan

admin 18:53:13 thanks i will need to make people aware of the risk but this registration within UK and Europe is another story

admin 18:55:42 i see this but it crypto seems to be excempt: Is it possible for a Copy Trading firm to avoid providing ‘investment advice’? No. Copy Trading firms will be deemed as providing investment advice, even if no explicit advice is given, as they are offering the possibility for a deal to occur. This applies to the tradition

admin 18:56:10 but if you offer an Expert Advisor, you are exempt. i just need to figure how to be defined like that??

if i make this an option in my backend where people agree, this could be an exemption: The basic definition at the heart of the statement from the FCA is the following: If the brokerage asks permission before every copied trade it’s not managing the portfolio. I

this might be a good role model to work from

this might be a good role model to work from

Copy Trading

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