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Capital requirements for crypto copy trading with HUGE potential

Here is a video I made about cryptocurrency crypto trading question from someone:

Thank you for your information in the zoom meeting the other day. I would like to know your service cost provided and the minimum capital requirement to invest in Crypto. Per our meetup the other day, you told me your system is to provide somekind of copy trade thru some broker like Binance or Kraken. As in Malaysia I know the broker is LUNO. wondering if you copy trade signal could link up with Luno. My initial intention was to learn algortithm from your course work to trade in equity or etf. I understand you told me now the crypto is better now. Hence I am thinking if I could try some on Crypto. As I could not afford big capital in Crypto hence I would like to know what is the investment capital recomended by you as well as your service cost per year.

Thanks Bryan

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