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Looking for a sell-side (market maker) derivative risk management conference that I can send some st

Looking for a sell-side (market maker) derivative risk management conference that I can send some staff to, but I am having a hard time finding anything but operational risk. Any suggestions?

Do you mean a conference on FX options?

Not just options, but all market made products. FX, CFD’s, Options, etc.

FX is not a derivative.

Fx cfd’s and spreadbets -I’d be interested in anywhere

Just goes to show the power of a comma, Jeff. The one after “FX” in your initial response, in particular.

CFDs and spread bets are both essentially retail products. While this group doesn’t exclude retail FX in any way, it also does not focus on it. Therefore, you might have more luck querying members of LI groups that are dedicated to that (retail) space. Just please make sure that you stick to FX-related matters with your discussion topics here. Thanks and good luck

Erve Lettermo just posted a discussion about a financial derivatives workshop that might be of interest:

It looks to be a bit more geared to the institutional side, but seems rather comprehensive. There’s also the workshop recently posted by Paula Drewicz:

Quant Invest 2011 and HFT World seem to be fairly comprehensive co-located three day conferences in Chicago in June. Both events claim to include risk and risk management. Says the marketing:

“Quant Invest Chicago is a three-day conference for quant investors. This is the only quant focused investment conference of its kind in the USA. Institutional investors, asset managers and quant experts will come together to explore new trends, asset allocation & portfolio construction, modeling and risk management. The conference will be co-located with High Frequency Trading World Chicago.”

Though I am not sure how many attendees will be sell-side, Chicago has a huge number of market-making prop shops. Some sell-side IBs (e.g. Morgan Stanley) also seem to be registered. Check out the registration, speakers list, and agenda?

From a Linked In group

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