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RabbitMQ Metatrader bridge for forex trading

RabbitMQ / Metatrader 4 experimental bridge

Someone sent this to me via my contact form”

Hello, I released this experimental bridge between Metatrader 4 (and 5) and RabbitMQ (under an open source license). Some videos to show this project in action are available on Youtube: Realtime Metatrader 5 DOM (orderbook) plot with Python, Pandas, PyQtGraph and RabbitMQ Metatrader 4 JSON RPC with RabbitMQ and MySQL I’m using JSON message to serialize messages. JSON RPC is use to communicate orders from any languages to MT4. This is still quite experimental. I did a workaround with a MySQL database to be able to receive message on MT4 side. Everyone is pleased to fork this project and improve it using pull requests on GitHub. Femto

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