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The difference between LaTeX vs MuPAD vs Matlab

The difference between LaTeX vs MuPAD vs Matlab

No, converting general LaTeX equations into some sort of procedural programming language is most decidedly not possible.

LaTeX is a system for creating documents with structured text formatting and typesetting. It is not much different than writing individual letters and symbols onto a piece of paper yourself; there are no intrinsic semantics as to which symbols mean what. It doesn’t know (or care) if the expression x = y is an assignment or a test for equality. Or if \cdot is a dot product or simple multiplication. All that really matters in the end is that the equations are readable and look good to a human eye. To convert this soup of symbols into a procedural programming language is quite impossible.

MuPAD, however, is a computer algebra system. You tell it what is a function and what are variables. It has this knowledge. As such, it is able to identify inputs and outputs and some sort of directional flow. It has a grammar to its equations: you must, for example, use := to denote assignment. When converting to an m-file, MuPAD uses this additional information to determine which variables are scalar or vector, what is an assignment and what is a boolean test, what is input and what is output, etc.

This difference is obvious in usage of MuPAD vs LaTeX: one can rearrange and simplify your equations for you, the other cannot.

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