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TradingView Pine script scripting tutorial

As I get into TradingView Pine Script for programming with Pine script, there are some positive social aspects along with video platforms and live streaming. You can develop plus invoke live orders on Oanda forex broker, Kraken Crypto, and IBKR Equity. Does this sound like a replacement for all trading social, video, and even replacing a trading platforms???

Official tutorial from TradingView

Here are some Pinescript tutorials sent from one someone on

Tutorial PDF to download

VSCode extension for Pine Script Syntax Highlighting – Visual Studio Marketplace

Pine Script Wizard ChatGPT | AI Pine Script Strategy Code TradingView

pine script – Sending a webhook AND and a message in Pinescript v5 – Stack Overflow

Pine Script (TradingView) – A Step-by-step Guide – AlgoTrading101 Blog

Round 2

Manual v5 Pinescript

Interesting way to create Pinescript scripts with ChatGPT

I tried questions like:

create mean reversion pinescript with simple moving average with long and short signal with Take Profit and Stop Loss with chart

GitHub repos

Pinescript: The Definitive Guide – QMR

Tutorial videos among many

Get some from free trading technical secret tools from this books 

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