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Truth Behind Quantitative Finance Jobs Prep Programs

The Truth Behind Quantitative Finance Jobs Interview Prep Programs and Courses

Join Brian from as he delves into a fascinating topic introduced by a helpful viewer: the world of Quantitative Finance Jobs interview preparation. Brian discusses a YouTube video from The Quant Guide channel, which features a mock interview for a 2024 Citadel Quant Training position. This episode is a must-listen for aspiring quants, especially those with strong backgrounds in programming, math, or physics.

quantitative finance jobs
quantitative finance jobs


The video highlights the rigorous nature of quant interviews and the importance of having a deep understanding of math and probability. Brian scrutinizes the legitimacy of The Quant Guide's program, which promises to prepare candidates with over 500 real interview questions and detailed solutions. He raises concerns about the high price tag and the potential marketing tactics involved.

Brian advises listeners to critically evaluate such programs and explore free resources like Reddit and LinkedIn. He emphasizes the importance of having a strong educational background and showcasing coding skills online to succeed in the highly competitive field of quantitative finance.

Tune in to get an insightful take on whether these costly prep programs are worth the investment and how you can better prepare for a career as a quant.


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