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AI and Technical Analysis: Can AI Predict Bitcoin’s Future?

This article explores Bryan’s experiment using AI tools (Copilot and Gemini) for technical analysis on Bitcoin and their limitations in predicting future price movements.

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The Experiment:

Bryan, a subscriber to both Microsoft’s Copilot and Google’s Gemini AI tools, investigates their capabilities in analyzing Bitcoin’s price movements. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Goal: Use AI to predict potential Bitcoin price movements based on the Stochastic RSI indicator on a weekly chart.

  2. Process: Bryan prompts both Copilot and Gemini to analyze Bitcoin using the weekly Stochastic RSI.

The Results:

  1. Copilot and Gemini: Both AI tools provided information on the Stochastic RSI indicator itself but avoided giving any specific price forecasts for Bitcoin.

  2. Reasons Cited: Copilot mentioned concerns about liability for inaccurate predictions, while Gemini highlighted the inherent limitations of technical indicators in predicting future market movements.

Key Takeaways:

  1. AI for Predictions: While AI can be informative about technical indicators, it seems current limitations prevent them from making financial predictions due to liability concerns.

  2. Trading View as a Resource: Both Copilot and Gemini emphasized TradingView as a valuable resource for technical analysis.

Additional Insights:

  1. Timeframe Matters: Bryan demonstrates how the Stochastic RSI crossover can appear on different timeframes (weekly, daily, hourly) impacting potential trade decisions.

  2. Confirmation is Crucial: Bryan emphasizes the importance of confirming technical signals with other indicators and market sentiment before making investment decisions.


This article highlights the limitations of AI in financial predictions due to liability concerns. While AI can be a helpful tool for understanding technical indicators, in-depth analysis using platforms like TradingView and human expertise remain crucial for informed investment decisions.

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